8178Not too sure if I’ll be picking up the rest of this series.  In the beginning it was a fascinating read about a small town farmer who realizes all this mystical potential and has to run from his home with his brother, his best friend, the woman who loves him, and the stranger he fell in love with.

I’m not sure exactly what or how it happened, but I really started loathing the book about halfway through and had to fight to finish it. I think its because the lady love, who you KNOW is evil, is such a simpering little whore it set my teeth on edge.

But once I learned who the big players were, I started to get into it again so the whole thing ended on a strong note, but because it was such a weak -and frankly terrible- middle I’m not sure if the Sin Wars is for me.

But I also know myself well enough to know that I’ll probably go out and get the rest of them just to say I have them…

Well I think that was a long enough break from the Realms, don’t you? Lets get back into the swing of things with Whisper of Waves, first in the Watercourse trilogy by Philip Athens.

291727The Wizard
Pledged to the Red Wizards of Thay from boyhood, he will do anything for anyone who can give him more power. In a twisted dimension outside the walls of time and space, he plots and plans.

The Senator
A genasi, he has fought his way up from the gutter and will never go back. Amid the tangled streets of Innarlith, he mixes ambition with thoughts of vengeance.

The Man
A master builder, he walks the coast of Faerûn, and the waves whisper to him of a mighty work, a task worthy of his talents.