285255Scream of Stones.  Third in the Whisper of Waves trilogy by Philip Athens.  This was a rather heartbreaking ending, not to mention an ending that makes the entire trilogy pointless. At least to me.

Poor Willem is turned into some strange new form of undead creature that I have never seen before (I looked into it and was not able to find exactly what he was. Closest I could figure is he was some form of ghoul) and finally kills his wailing banshee of a mother before spending several days devouring her flesh.

Phaedra finally comes to terms with her love for Ivar and what the ghosts mean to her. Unfortunately it almost kills her to accumulate that knowledge and I[‘m not sure if her mind will ever be right again.

The Red Wizard Marek loses his dragon friend to time and the dragon Rage.

Ivar loses all that is dear to him, and has to rebuild his life in a far off land that will hopefully be more appreciative of his talents.

Pristoleph surprised me though.  The fire genesai husband of Phaedra seems like a decent man, if ambitious, but he shows his ruthlessness finally here in Scream of Stone.

Overall a rather disappointing ending, for everyone.  I  loved the darkness of the trilogy, and the story itself, but couldn’t one person have lived relatively happily ever after? Sheesh…

I wonder if Azure Bonds, first in the Finders Stone trilogy by Kate Novak will be as dark as this series…

291735Her name is Alias, and she is in big trouble.

She is a sell-sword, a warrior-for-hire, and an adventuress. She awoke with a series of twisting, magical blue sigils inscribed on her arms and no memory of where she got them.

Determined to learn the nature of the mysterious tattoo, Alias joins forces with an unlikely group of companions: the halfling bard, Ruskettle, the southern mage, Akabar, and the oddly silent lizard-man, Dragonbait. With their help, she discovers that the symbols hold the key to her very existence.

But those responsible for the sigils aren’t keen on Alias’s continued good health. And if the five evil masters find her first, she may discover all too soon their hideous secret.