291249A goddess’ sacred pool corrupted. A good dragon possessed and turned evil.  a sorceress, a priest, and a ranger turned thief are the highlights of the Pool of Radiance.

The port city of Phaln has seen much throughout the centuries.  Flights of raging dragons, attacks by orcs, goblins. and other humanoids, undead haunting the graveyards, and crazy assed wizards.  Phaln is no stranger to strife and battle.  But the dark mechanations of a corrupted bronze dragon and a greedy councilman might threaten to bring Phaln down on a tidal wave of innocent blood.

Shal is a fledgling sorceresses on a mission to avenge her master.  Tarl is a cleric weak on faith after losing a relic of his church, but finds new found strength in his feelings for Shal.  Ren is a ranger turned thief turned bar room server, running and hiding from the memory of his murdered love until he meets her physical twin in Shal and is drawn back into the world.

So here now we have three very different strangers from all corners of the Realms drawn together in one united goal: take down the Lord of the Ruins, supposed mastermind behind all their past hurts.  I like how all of their pasts are woven together, its done in such a way that it actually makes sense…

My only complaint is the writing.  Some of the language and slang the characters use seem too modern and out of place for the world setting.  But aside from that it was pretty good.

Second in the Pools Trilogy coming right up! Pools of Darkness is next

291520The entire city of Phlan has vanished, ripped from the surface of Toril by dire creatures and magical forces. While the minions of the evil god Bane bicker over the spoils, the brave citizens of Phlan mount a stubborn defense.

A ranger-thief named Ren seeks his missing friends, Shal and Tarl, spellcasters nonpareil. Ren must band together with a mysterious sorceress, Evaine, and her intrepid shapeshifter cat, as well as a couple of droll druids and a fearful knight who is absolutely, positively dead.