291520Ten years have passed since the events of Pool of Radiance. Tark, Ren, and Shal have remained friends throughout the years, although as is the want of such friendships time and distance has kept them from seeing each other for three of those years.

But bad dreams and worse nightmares compel Ren to return to the city of Phaln to check on his friends, only to find it gone from the plane of Toril.  Meanwhile, husband and wife team Tarl and Shal have their hands full trying to protect Phaln and its people from attacking fiends in the cavern where the city has been transported to.

Dark, evil gods with dreams of ruling the Realms won’t let a cleric, a sorceress and a ranger with a shady past stop their plans.

And of course we have some new players to the game: a pair of light hearted but deadly druids, another sorceress with a shape shifting jungle cat familiar, and -of all things- and undead paladin.

Something is off with the writing here again though.  The evil wizard antagonist just seems kinda plopped in there for the sake of having a bad guy.  He wasn’t really threatening or scary, more like a child having a prolonged temper tantrum.  The plan of the god he served and the pit fiend that was supposed to serve him seemed kinds tossed in there too, and I’m a little disappointed that the creature from the last book wasn’t there at all. We know it survived, you think it would be back for revenge or something…

Hopefully this trilogy finally takes an upswing in the last book Pool of Twilight…

62464The holy hammer of the Church of Tyr was captured by the evil god Bane two decades ago. When Bane was destroyed, the relic vanished. The legacy of recovering the lost item was granted to a paladin before his birth.

Now the young warrior must fulfill his destiny and return the enchanted hammer to the forces of good in the land of the Moonsea. Danger, deception, and loyal friends will accompany him on his fateful journey.