62464And they lived happily ever after…

Relatively speaking.

Pool of Twilight wraps up the Pools trilogy, and while disappointing it is also the most cohesive of the three.  Pool of Twilight and Pools of Darkness are not only tied together by characters from previous books, their children, and past associates, but the antagonist is a disfigured half fiend, child of the Red Wizard from Pools of Darkness and his fiendish female plaything.

Bent on vengeance for the death of her father, the half fiend takes out her rage on our previous heroes and their children, leading to the rise of a new generation of defenders and the death of some of the old.

This one is also the most well written of the three. Pool of Twilight doesn’t have any characters thrown in ‘just because’, and the language fits the setting.  Everything that happens makes sense, and the writing flows smoothly.

My only issue us the fact that the big bad from Pool of Radiance is never seen or heard from again within the trilogy.  I mean, its a powerful body snatcher and it’s just out there loose in the Realms somewhere to wreak havoc.  Usually heroes are able to figure things like that out and take down the creature.  Especially considering they know that the newly possessed boy is still on the loose.

Granted they don’t know it’s possessed, but still…

Woot! Starting a new Realms series!  This should be interesting, it’s a series of one shots based around the warrior class so is appropriately called The Fighters.  First in this series is Master of Chains by Jess Lebow.

588686Once he led the revolutionaries against a tyrannical lord.

Once he had a beautiful wife.

Once he was a hero.

But that was before he got caught, beaten down, nearly killed, and sold into slavery.

Now he has nothing but hate and the chains of his bondage: the only weapons he has with which to escape.

The first title in a new Forgotten Realms series focusing on the popular Dungeons & Dragons game character class of Fighters. Each title will feature characters with a different exotic style of fighting.