588686Interesting story here.  Man rebels against his liege lord in protest over his unfair taxes, treatment of the common man, etc etc.

Elements of a couple of classics here.  It had a very Robin Hood vibe with the whole rebellion, stealing from the rich, giving to the poor deal.  It also reminds me a lot of the Count of Monte Cristo.  Our intrepid hero gets captured and secretly sold into slavery, his only weapons to regain his freedom being the very chains that bind him.  Once he wins his freedom he struggles to return to his life and his family -mother, brother, father, and wife- only to find when he returns that they have all moved on in some fashion.

Most notably, his wife to his brother.

There comes the inevitable sense of betryal, a battle that first pitches brother against brother before the epiphany the enslaved brother has that his blood is not the enemy, everyone loves him, his wife mourned him before moving on, etc etc.

All this taking place in and around the plans of a master vampire attempting to rule her own small corner of Faerun, not to mention a pretty epic battle with zombie giants.

So far the Fighters is starting off on a high note.  But there’s still three more to go so hopefully they can keep this momentum.  Ghostwalker by Erik Scott DeBie is the second in the series.

588684This scar on my arm is the mark of the thin man’s sword.

These on my chest, the barbarian’s gyrspike.

This, on my shoulder, the woodsman’s axe.

And this rasping whisper, all that is left of my voice, it is the scar of the Lord Singer’s jealousy.

They took my voice and my life and left my body for the crows. But not all who die rest in peace.