588684Hard time getting into this one.  Didn’t really flow in the beginning but it is an interesting story of madness and vengeance spanning centuries.

So all this takes place in a frontier town ruled by a madman, his sadist son, and protected by ghosts in the forest.  Fifteen years ago several children were murdered by the previous ‘lord’, and all but one stayed dead.

Long had there been whispers of the avenging druid spirit and her protege Walker.  Considered largely myth and rumors, the truth comes out when a trio of fabled Knights in Silver from Silverymoon some to look into the disappearance of several couriers.

Little did these knights know what kind of mess they were stepping into, for a spirit of vengeance has begun to stalk those responsible for the crimes of fifteen years ago, taking his payment in blood.

But love as always can be more powerful and vengeance and duty as Walker and a lady Knight find out, and both discover the hard way that death is the most powerful force of all.

Such a sad ending though, but the poem that the lady Knight writes for her lost love at the end of the book is really sweet and almost makes it all worth it…almost…

Cross your fingers  that the third in the Fighters series, Son of Thunder by Murray J.D. Leeder has a happier ending.

1644602It was the best thing that ever happened to him.

It was his god’s blessing.

It was hell.

Vell was content to be a mere warrior in the Thunderbeast tribe, staying behind on the hunt to guard the camp.

But then something alien awakened deep within him, the spirit of a behemoth that he could not control. With it came attacks from the sky, visitors from far lands, and a mysterious command from their ancestral totem: Find the living. And this time, no one was going to let him just stay behind.