713769Some things are better the second time around.  I remember trying to read Swords of Eveningstar some time ago but just could not get into it for whatever reason.  As a result the entire trilogy has been sitting, gathering dust for who knows how long.  And I figured this year was a good time as any to get them read.

And I don’t know exactly what happened between then and now, but I really enjoued Swords of Eveningstar.  It was a little difficult to keep track of who was doing what sometimes as there are so may characters and players in the game, but otherwise it was really good.

Full of evil Zhentarim agents, wizards alive and dead, a small group of friends-turned-adventureers-turned-knights bumble and battle their way through their first of what is sure to be many quests.

War wizards running rampant, mind worms, shape shifts hargaunts, and a meddling court wizard directing them all, or so it seems.

It did have its rough moments reading wise, where I felt we were focusing more on battle than plot, but overall it was well done.

So we’ll just keep the ball rolling here and hope once more that the second in the trilogy, Swords of Dragonfire, can keep the momentum going.

49385The kingdom of Cormyr is in need of heroes. Only the bravest and most loyal stand a chance in the trials to come. Standing tall against the darkness that besieges their homeland, a band of youthful adventurers answer that call.

They are the Knights of Myth Drannor.