49385I actually skipped a good quarter of this book.  It was all pointless, chapter long descriptions of the characters fighting one enemy, being whisked away, fighting some more, being whisked away again, more fighting…

Well, you get the picture.

I’ve actually forgotten the plot for Swords of Dragonfire, if there ever was one.  In the first book, the objective was clear albeit hidden from the main characters: find the wizards controlling people and end him.

But this…it’s like one big drawn out Benny Hill scene with everyone rushing back and forth across the hall and ducking in and out of all those doors.

And while the ending is essentially happy, it is a tad confusing.  See, the Knights are basically running/being shuttled back and forth across Cormyr following (or trying to follow) royal orders: uncover an assassination plot involving the King and Queen and possibly an envoy of Silverymoon.  They thwart it, huzzahs all around, the Silverymoon envoy makes out with a Cormyrian noble, and the Cormyrian nobles bounce around like clowns on an ADHD infused sugar rush.


Very distorted, disorganized, odd storytelling here.  Hopefully the final book ties everything together.

And if nothing I said here makes sense, imagine how I felt reading it and trying to put it into words…

Anyways.  Lets give the last one a shot hey? The Sword Never Sleeps, book three in the Knights of Myth Drannor

2647790The Knights of Myth Drannor have come far from the pastoral comfort of their home in Espar. Chartered by the king and knighted by the queen, they have earned the name of adventurers.

But do they have what it takes to be heroes? The noble knights thus far have defeated both dark magic and treachery, but true heroes do more than stumble across victory. True heroes are relentless in the pursuit of evil. The true hero’s sword never sleeps.