291626And now we enter the Pocahontas phase of the story.  Young native woman and foreign white man fall in love and together try to save both their peoples from disaster.

Bit of an interesting twist here.  Long ago under the land of Maztica, in the Underdark, there was a battle between dwarves and drow, when a cataclysmic event ruptured the stone above their heads and caused an ocean to come pouring into the tunnels.  A few bands of both sides survived, the dwarves and their descendants coming to live in the Maztican desert, while the drow and their progeny wove their webs and lies and deceptions, donning the mantle of the Ancient Ones and turning from Lloth, their patron goddess to the worship of the Maztican war god Zaltec.

The drow essentially took over the priesthood, pushing the bloody worship of Zaltec to new and greater heights and offering the hearts of his sacrificial victims to a source known only as Darkfire.

But Lloth is a jealous and vengeful goddess, and she turns her machinations on Maztica, a land which is quickly becoming a battlefield of the gods.  Helm of the foreigners, Zaltec and Qoatal of Maztica, and now Lloth all fight for the souls of the mortals in Maztica.

I think I know where things are going from here in Feathered Dragon, third and last in the series.  Let’s see if I’m right hmm?


The greatest city in Maztica lies in ruins… a plague of hideous monsters descends across the land.

From the ashes of destruction, a tenuous alliance forms. Legionnaires and native warriors fight side by side, desperate to stem the onslaught of chaos.

Their only hope of victory requires aid from beyond the Forgotten Realms… the prophecy given to Erix of Palul: Qotal, immortal Plumed Serpent, will return to Maztica for a final battle against the forces of evil.

But already the Feathered Dragon may be too late…