583636So of course everything comes to a head here.  Our Romeo and Juliet-esque star crossed lovers are starting a new family on the run from the creatures hunting them, creatures known to the rest of the Realms but new to Maztica and only show now because a certain bloody war god decided these new forms would best suit his followers.

I have to admit I’m disappointed in the ending.  The two mortal disciples of the gods are locked in battle on the ground, mirroring the battle of their immortal patrons in the sky, and after EVERYTHING everyone has been through to get the god Coatl to come back, they banish him without a second thought!  Okay so his fight with the war god might have lead to the entire continent of Maztica being destroyed but still!

It was pretty boss that Coatl’s high priest cussed him out though, that’s a first for me…

But all’s well that ends well.  The heroes have a healthy baby, evil is vanquished, Maztica is saved, and everyone can try to live happily ever after.

Overall the Maztica trilogy was okay.  Had some highs, some lows, but overall it was decent.

Realms of the Deep is next, an anthology of stories from the Threat from the Sea trilogy by Mel Odom.

291572When armies of evil rise up from the seas around Faerûn, no one is safe.

In a war that rages across every sea and onto every coast, there is more than one hero, more than one villain, and countless innocent victims. A young mage battles at the side of Khelben Arunsun to defend the city of Waterdeep from the invading forces. A merman struggles to fulfill his desperate mission to reach the Sea of Fallen Stars. And amid the horrors of war, a reef giant seeks to protect a fragile coral forest from destruction.

Set against the backdrop of the epic struggle of the Threat from the Sea series are thirteen all-new stories by such Forgotten Realms stars as Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, Mel Odom, Troy Denning, Lynn Abbey, and Clayton Emery