291536First in the Threat from the Sea trilogy, Rising tide introduces us to our hero Jhared, a young sailor boy born at sea to one of the worst pirates in history.  He’s always had a destiny laid upon his shoulders, as a voice has always guided him and saved him in his darkest moments.

We’re also introduced to his lady love, a ship’s mage service on board the ship our young hero takes refuge on when his parentage is discovered on his own ship and he is politely booted off.

But nether human is aware of the danger lurking beneath the waves, where a centuries old creature of myth and magic is reawakened and begins plans to take over all the lands above and below the waves.

Awoken and served by a young half breed sea elf, all their lives are tied together by fate and one human bard who walks the lands above and below the water, gathering the tales of all the races of the prophecy even now being fulfilled and weaving it all into one epic ballad.

So far a fascinating read.  It’s amazing what changing the environment of a story can do.  I’m not sure if I would be as interested in this if it had been set on land, but with all the new creatures and that fact that most of the human scenes takes place on boats was enough to keep me interested.

Let’s hope the second book, Under Fallen Stars is capable of holding that interest.

458667The sea war rages up and down the Sword Coast, leaving the busy harbor of Baldur’s Gate in flames. Following his mad quest, the evil Iakhovas has found a gateway into the protected waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars, and now no coast is safe from his marauding armies of the deep.