250px-SpellfireSecond time’s the charm here.

I tried reading Spellfire a while ago and could not seem to get into it for the life of me, but this time I was able to go through it pretty quickly.

I’m finding this is a trend with Ed Greenwood books for me.  I don’t really get into them until the second time I read them for whatever reason.

But Spellfire is about a young girl named Shandril who longs for adventure and a life away from her duties as a kitchen maid, so one day she runs away with a band of adventureers and gets more than she bargaine for.  Meeting people like Elminster, Storm, the Knights of Myth Drannor, the Simbul, and running from foes such as the Cult of the Dragon and the Zhentarim, blowing up a dracolich lair, discovering herself the weilder of fabled spellfire, plus falling in love with a young mage, wedding him and bedding him and preparing to bear his child.

Quite a lot to take in there huh?  Imagine what poor Shandril felt living it, and me reading it! It’s a .little overwhelming, no matter where you stand.

But overall, a good start.  Young Shandril has a long road ahead of her in Crown of Fire, but I think she’s in Good hands.

250px-Crown_of_Fire2Adventurer on the Run!

Once Shandril was a humble kitchen maid.

Now she’s one of the most powerful magic-users in the land.

And a lot of people want her dead.

The evil Zhentarim, the powerful Cult of the Dragon—all of them want her spellfire, and they’ll kill whoever they must to get it. There’s only one thing for Shandril to do: run. With the aid of Elminster of Shadowdale, the Knights of Myth Drannor, her lover, and a determined dwarf, she’ll wield her magic for the cause of good. But if her magic becomes too powerful, her friends won’t have a choice.

They’ll kill her themselves.