freedMixed feelings here about the ending of the Fifty Shades trilogy.  In a lot of ways I’m happy with it.  It has a happily ever after, they’re working on their issues together (he still has a helluva long way to go) and overall its a happy, healthy relationship between two people with dark pasts and darker issues.

So why the mixed feelings?

Well for one the writing has not improved over the course of three books.  That, combines with all the vapid filler caused me to skip 3 quarters of the book.  And speaking of vapid, the main character Ana is such an airhead at times and allows too much blame to fall on her shoulders.  Don’t get me wrong, she fights back when she needs to, but it’s like she takes on 75% of the blame when 50% is her due.

And the ending is so predictable!  He knocks her up, flips out, they fight, he almost loses her, they realize how much they love each other and lo and behold! They live happily ever after.  Blech.

I have to admit though, I’m glad I read this series in spite of it’s flaws.  While in some ways its a predictable, formulaic plot, the story itself was new and interesting to me.  If it was better written I’d even add it to my collection.

Now that my little literature BDSM tour is over, let’s get back on track with some Realms books.  The Yellow Silk, fourth and final in the Rogues series by Don Bassingwaithe is next.

291490The last title in a series of stand-alone adventures about the shadowed life of rogues.

The Yellow Silk is the fourth and final title in the Forgotten Realms novel series focusing specifically on the iconic character class of the rogue. Each novel in the series is a stand-alone adventure, making this an easy way to get acquainted with the rich Forgotten Realms world.