6148028I really enjoyed most of this book, its just that the ending really pissed me off.

Catching Fire can be construed as boring for the most part as its basically the Hunger Games all over again.  Katniss and Peeta are drawn into a special edition of the games where all contestants are past victors.  Obviously this is an attempt to quiet the rumblings of rebellion in the districts with the deaths of the two who have defied the big bad Capitol, rulers of all, by winning/surviving the previous games.

But watching Katniss attempt to navigate the political maze she finds herself in-where the slightest misstep could mean the death of all she loves.

Of course in the end she and Peeta live, the rebellion is in full swing, Katniss is the poster child for the rebellion, was kept in the dark about everything and treated like she was too stupid to keep her mouth shut and play her part.

And what happens because she was kept in the dark?  Peeta captured by the Capitol and District 12 wiped off the map.

Congrats assholes.  Let’s see how you dig yourselves outta this hole come Mockingjay.

But not yet. Right now we’re turning back to Shadows of the Avatar and the Realms with Cloak of Shadows by Ed Greenwood.

291625The Shadow Over Faerun

The Time of Troubles had arrived. The chaos of spilled blood, lawless strife, monsters unleashed, and avatars roaming Faerun had come.

But wrathful and warring gods were not Faerun’s only problem.
The dreaded and insidious Shadowmasters had seized the opportunity to increase their influence and power while Mystra and her minions were otherwise engaged. The Shadowmasters had woven a mgical cloak of spells that would render the wearer invisible to their rival’s magic.

The shadow over Faerun spreads.