291561Completely not what I was expecting, but oh so much better.  Based on the artwork style I assumed that Realms of Infamy was tied into the Shadow of the Avatar trilogy and would have stories based in/around that time and some of the characters.

What I actually had was a collection of short stories from some well known authors and characters from the Realms world.

I really need to read the descriptions better….

Anyways, some really big players make an appearance here.  Everyone from Elminster to Artemis Entreri. King Pinch to The Shark and many more.  Fascinating stories about people from all walks of Realms life, Realms of Infamy is one of the few Realms anthologies that has been able to suck me in.  I loved it from start to finish and was a little sad to see it end.

And unfortunately I can’t really say much more than that as it had no one plot or storyline.  It’s a good place to start for those new to the Realms, and a must have for old hands like me.

Going the romance route next.  Finally taking on Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon, latest in the Dark Hunters saga.

15767586Just when you thought doomsday was over…

Centuries ago Acheron saved the human race by imprisoning an ancient evil bent on absolute destruction. Now that evil has been unleashed and it is out for revenge.

As the twin to Acheron, Styxx hasn’t always been on his brother’s side. They’ve spent more centuries going at each other’s throats than protecting their backs. Now Styxx has a chance to prove his loyalty to his brother, but only if he’s willing to trade his life and future for Acheron’s.

The Atlantean goddess of Wrath and Misery, Bethany was born to right wrongs. But it was never a task she relished. Until now. She owes Acheron a debt that she vows to repay, no matter what it takes. He will join their fellow gods in hell and nothing is going to stop her.

But things are never what they seem, and Acheron is no longer the last of his line. Styxx and Acheron must put aside their past and learn to trust each other or more will suffer.

Yet it’s hard to risk your own life for someone who once tried to take yours, even when it’s your own twin, and when loyalties are skewed and no one can be trusted, not even yourself, how do you find a way back from the darkness that wants to consume the entire world? One that wants to start by devouring your very soul?