Well this was particularly heart wrenching and fascinating installment of the Dark Hunters saga.  This books is all about the man of the same name, twin brother to Archeron, leader of the Dark Hunters themselves.

In the beginning, this book was a little hard to handle.  The first three quarters is basically their childhood growing up in the time of Atlantis with a neglectful father, bi polar sister, homicidal mother, and sexual sadist uncle.  What was done to both of them as boys made me blanch at times.

It was fascinating, not only because we get a closer look at Acheron’s childhood from a differing perspective, we’re also given a whole new outlook on his brother whom we too have been made to revile due to the lies and half truths Acheron had been fed over the centuries.

It’s also a little refreshing to see Acheron humbled by his actions towards Styxx once they were reuinited.  I mean, Styxx tries to make reparations, and Acheron pisses on him like everyone else.

The only comfusing thing was that Acheron’s mother apparently had no idea what was going on.  You’d think she’d pay a bit more attention to the mortal who shared a womb and a life with her son but noooooo…an al powerful destroyer goddess had no idea what the fuck was going on.  Yeah right.

And as is the case in all these stories, he finds his love, loses her, finds her and their son again after eleven centuries and everyone lives happily ever after.  Until the next book.

Flipping back to the Realms, we’re starting the Empires trilogy by David Cook with Horselords.

Between the valiant kingdoms of the western Realms and the exotic eastern lands of Kara-Tur lies a vast, unexplored kingdom. For centuries, the “civilized” peoples of the Forgotten Realms have given little notice to these barbarians. Now, a powerful leader has united the wild horsemen into a mighty force–an army powerful enough to challenge the world.