13241659Latest in the Hollows series, I really enjoyed Ever After.  A few key relationships take an interesting (and for me at least) appropriate turn and one person at least gets some much deserved come uppence.

So basically whats happening here is a demon is stealing Rosewood babies as a ‘get out of the ever after free’ card, destroyed the ley lines to the point where the ever after is slowly shrinking and on the verge of annihilation, and of course blamed it all on our local day walking demon/itchy witch Rachel Morgan.

Yeah, like that’s ever worked before…

Cobbling together a surprise alliance of demons, elves, gargoyles, pixies and fairies, Rachel does what she does best: rolls up her sleeves and sets things rights with nothing but grit, determination, and a helluvalotta luck.

And all this among friends, family, and innocent babies being kidnapped, tortured, held for ransom and -in some cases- killed.

I have to wonder what else there is for Rachel to do or go through in her life.  Can’t she just retire and find her own happily ever after already?  Bloody hell…

Ah well.  Moving along with the second in the Empires trilogy: Dragonwall by Troy Denning.

291517The barbarbarian horde has breached the ancient Dragonwall and now threatens the oriental land of Shou Lung. Powerful as they are, the Shou army’s only hope lies with Batu Min Ho, a young general who is himself a third generation descendant of Tuigan barbarians. But Batu’s wife must fight her own battle in the treacherous political terrain of the imperial court, as a psy attempts to undermine the empreror’s confidence in her husband. And if Batu is to retain his command and save Shou Lung, it is a battle she must not lose.