12216302So who believed that our beloved Harry wouldn’t make a miraculous recovery and come back from the dead?

Well he didn’t so hah!  His body was kept alive by a fae queen and an ancient guardian spirit while his soul went for a walk about. Nyah.

But now Harry has a whole new set of troubles.  First there’s his recuperation period where Mab tries to kill him once every day in new and exciting ways.  Then he had to try and survive in the court of the Winter fae.  Then there’s the whole ‘hey guys I’m back’ deal with his friends.  Not to mention finding out he’s the warden for a supernatural prison full of old powers and dead gods.  There’s this whole shadow war going on between the fairies of Summer and Winter versus some creatures called Outsiders.  Oh!  AND apparently there’s this parasite or something going around and infecting creatures to act opposite from their natures and is one of the vangaurds for the Biggest Bad Guy to step foot on our world.

Unless Harry can beat him of course.

But that’s another tale for another time.

Cold Days though has some good, bad, and bittersweet moments.  There’s a bad guy you learn to kinda like who’s lost to the Biggest Bad Guy, touching reunions with all of Dresden’s buddies, FINALLY some forward movement on the long-standing romance sub plot (even though I still want to bash their heads together), and the fate of Harry’s apprentice shocked the hell out of me.

One good thing though, all that personal growth that Harry went through in Ghost Days hasn’t been lost or forgotten.  He’s kinda led around by the nose a wee bit by the bad guys orchestrating the main event here in Cold Days, but he doesn’t make the same mistakes he did in the past by keeping his friends in the dark and trying to do everything on his own.

Ah Realms.  Where would I be without you?  Going way back here with one of the older anthologies: Realms of the Arcane, edited by Brian M Thompson.

291507Candlekeep boasts one of the finest libraries in the Realms, where the privileged few may conduct their research. But what about its secret collections? Volumes and scrolls long forgotten or hidden from the inquiring eyes of browsers. Volumes dealing with matters that can only be described arcane.

New tales of Toril past and present by favorite Realms authors, including: Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, Jeff Grubb, Mark Anthony, and others