Living Vampires killing off the dead.  Wild magic being tamed by science as used as a weapon of mass destruction.  A too short, fragile peace is threatened with a hammer blow that could shatter it.  And what’s the cause of all this chaos?

An elven goddess made of energy, captured, fractured, torn apart and made insane.  Unable to differentiate between ‘me’ and ‘we’, a collective of thoughts with no concept of the singular.

Kinda like the Borg.

And of course the only one standing in between saving the world and total annihilation is our local itchy witch demon Rachael Morgan.

The Undead Pool is a little confusing at first, the elven goddess is apparently a being created entirely of sentienent energies called mystics, and someone had the brilliant idea that stealing parts of her and driving her insane was the way to get their ends accoplished.  Took a little bit to make all that out though.  The lust between Rachael and Trent is growing stronger everyday, and finally comes to a head.  Can’t wait to see where this goes in later books.  I’m also glad to see mis prissy elf bitch get slapped into place.  That was so much fun and felt so good.

So overall I enjoyed it, but I’m not quite sure that can really happen next for Racheal.  She’s been through most everything already, it’s hard to see what challenges she would have to face next.

But speaking of next, we’re starting the Druidhome trilogy with Prophet of Moonshae by Douglas Niles.

Book One in the new Druidhome Trilogy picks up where the popular Moonshae Trilogy left off, righting the great wrong that remained at the conclusion of the original series. Now evil threatens the islands of Moonshae, for the people have forsaken their goddess, the Earthmother.