6388558FINALLY!  The story that started it all, how Myst and Nikolai Wroth hook up, something that is constantly referenced in later books so I’ve been fed bits and pieces but naver had the full picture until now.  My fauly really, kinda didn’t start at the beginning, and since this was only really available online, I hate to say I couldn’t really be bothered with it for the longest time as I hated reading online.

Changed my tune no tho didn’t I?  Least I’m catching up now.

So first off, its very much a short story.  Elevenchapters and as i mentioned originally published online as a novella.  Thankfully, despite doing a bit of glossing over timeline, it’s a very fulfilling story.  It doesn’t feel incomplete or haphazard.

This is the pairing that essentially started it all and ties in several other pairings that we’ve already come across in *ahem* later books.

Typical of other, later Immortals After Dark books that we’ve already looked through here so not much more to say.

It’s a good start to the series overall. Thankfully if reading online is anathema to you, much like it was for me, if you skip ahead to #2 in paperback, you’re not missing out on a huge chunk of plot or something truly essential to the series.

And moving on to the second in the Druidhome Trilogy, The Coral Kingdom by Douglas Niles again.

291518Traveling far beyond the shores of her island kingdom, a high princess battles the vicious undersea race that is holding her father prisoner, a battle that climaxes in the dark depths of the Sea of Moonshae.