291518As we learned a while back in Threat from the Deep trilogy, the seas of Faerun are teeming with life and races both evil and benign, all with their own agendas.  And one of these races -the evil saughin- have perhaps the darkest agenda of all.

In Prophet of Moonshae we saw the return of a goddess long though dead, the failed coup of another god Talos, the return of the druids to the Moonshaes, the birth of a dark power in young princess Deirdre, and the death of King Kendrick when his ship was lost at sea.

Here in Coral Kingdom, a rescue effort is launched with a stop over at the fabled elven island of Evermeet to request aid, a long over-and-undersea fraught with peril and battles begins.

The Coral Kingdom holds a few surprises for us.  King Kendrick is alive, kidnapped by the saughin and held captive with the surrender of the Moonshaes to Talos as ransom.  Talos’ favored avatar and princess Deirdre face off, with the young princess’ growing power a concern for all.

The Crown Princess is also faced with the dilemma of having no less than three suiters after her: a knight, a mage, and a prince.  All three were introduced in Phrophet of Moonshae, and thankfully here in Coral Kingdom the young knight is stolen away by an elf.  So it’s only the barbarian prince and tutor mage who must bide their time until the princess decides.

Because really, what’s any good story without a splash of romance or romantic drama?

Speaking of romance, picking up the threads of Imoortals After Dark again with #8 Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole


Lucia the Huntress: as mysterious as she is exquisite, she harbors secrets that threaten to destroy her — and those she loves.


Garreth MacRieve, Prince of the Lykae: the brutal Highland warrior who burns to finally claim this maddeningly sensual creature as his own.


From the shadows, Garreth has long watched over Lucia. Now, the only way to keep the proud huntress safe from harm is to convince her to accept him as her guardian. To do this, Garreth will ruthlessly exploit Lucia’s greatest weakness — her wanton desire for him.