6337006Apocalypse, corpse gods, hidden tombs, and El Dorado.  Just another day in the life of valkyrie Lucia the Archer.  Oh, that and being followed all over the world by her fated werewolf mate.

So the usual deal here, the Ascension is revving up to full gear, factions of immortals are making pacts and stocking up to survive the event that culls their numbers once every half century.

Lucia is an anrcher without peer, in service to a virgin hunter-goddess and gifted with her powers so long as she keeps her legs closed.  So you can see how a lykae mate would be a problem.  But that’s not all!  She’s also the guardian for a corpse god and is tasked with ensuring that he never escapes his eternal prison, and of course every Ascension is the magic hour where he grows strong enough to try and make a break for it.

Story wise I enjoyed it.  Little confusing with all the other mated pairs popping in and out, I often spent a few minutes refreshing myself with their stories as well so I could keep everything straight, but otherwise good.

The epilogue was fantastic.  We’re given a glimpse into a deeper story rather than just ‘boy meets girl’.  Someone had been snatching up immortals of all factions, sexes, and power capabilities.  And whoever it is they want these … ‘specimens’ i guess is a good term… alive.  So looking forward to Demon from the Dark to see where this new plot goes.

But before that! Finishing up the Druidhome trilogy with The Druid Queen by Douglas Niles

716355In the final volume of this trilogy, the Kendrick family continues to rule the Moonshae Isles, but the era of peace is threatened by unseen forces. By the author of Darkwalker on Moonshae.