3777732Full disclosure here, totally did not finish reading City of Glass.  I just got really bored with it.

It’s all forbidden love, angst, teenage spoiled brat girl trying to be tough and get her way, religion steeped in every page…

I dunno.  I just couldn’t do it.

So that being said, I think this is the end of my journey with the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire.

I thought the first two were pretty good, else I would never have made it this far, but City of Glass just lost me and I have to move on.

It’s not you, its me.

Ah well.  Can’t win them all right?

So we’re going back to familiar, safe ground with another Realms book.  Realms of Magic is next, one of the anthologies of the Forgotten Realms world.

291563From the research files of the legendary Volo come tales of all things magical in the Realms — artifacts and auguries, wizards and weapons, heroes and hokum — told by your favorite authors, including: R.A. Salvatore, Elaine Cunningham, Ed Greenwood, Jeff Grubb, David “Zeb” Cook, Roger Moore and others