12232938Bit of a disappointing ending to the Lovely Bones, although it was a rather interesting read.

The Lovely Bones is all about a young girl named Suzie Salmon who was raped, murdered, her body dismembered and dumped in a sinkhole by her neighbor.  The whole thing is written from her point of view up in heaven as she watcher her family cope with her passing and ultimately move on.

An incredibly moving and heartwarming book, a fascinating read because of the concept, but the one thing you’re really looking forward to doesn’t happen and that was really disappointing for me.

I had mixed feelings while reading this.  Sometimes I felt for the family, other times I was angry with them for moving on too fast/slow/in a destructive manner.  I think in the end the family was able to pull together after fracturing apart in such a spectacular manner.

But in the end that’s the hallmark of a good book, the ability to evoke emotions in the reader, never mind such a wide scope of them as I felt when reading the Lovely Bones.

Back to familiar territory next with Forgotten Realms The Ogre’s Pact, first in the Twilight Giants trilogy by Troy Denning

359766The first title in a classic trilogy about the giants of the Forgotten Realms world.

“The Ogre’s Pact “is the first novel in a trilogy that deals with the giants of the Forgotten Realms setting. Giants are little written about, and this trilogy, written by “New York Times “best-selling author Troy Denning ten years ago, was the first to detail them.