359766You can make pacts and deals with a variety of creatures, as Ogre’s Pact proves to us.

Here we meet princess Brianna, a young woman of surprising physical and mental strength, who has been kidnapped by ogres.  Her friend Tavis, a firbolg hopelessly in love with her, undergoes the quest to rescue her after her own father the king doesn’t even bother to mount a rescue attempt for her.

Turns out, in order to win his kingdom from his brother, Brianna’s father promised her before she was born to the giants who dwell in the valleys and mountains around the kingdom.  She was to be taken to them before her 20th birthday to start a new line of giant kings to rule the kingdom.

Needless to say, nothing goes quite to plan here for the ogres hired to kidnap the princess, the giants, or the giant kin who all jump in to play ‘catch the princess’.  So armed only with a bow, his wits, accompanied by a verbeeg and a young theif, and dogged at every step by a very stubborn and highly intelligent horse, Tavis climbs mountains and traverses glaciers to rescue his lady love and return her home.

I enjoyed Ogre’s Pact for the most part.  My only issue is at the end Brianna’s father is depicted as bat crap crazy when he’s previously been shown as merely callous and devious.  There was no obvious reason for him to be so completely off the wall in the end, and that bothered me a little.  But otherwise this seems to be a promising start to the trilogy.

Speaking of lady loves however, we’re going back briefly to the Sentienal series with Willing Sacrifice by Shannon Butcher

18310679They are the Sentinels. Three races descended from ancient guardians of mankind, each possessing unique abilities in their battle to protect humanity against their eternal foes: the Synestryn. Now a warrior weighs the price he will pay for love….

Theronai warrior Torr has never forgotten Grace, the human who stole his heart and nearly gave her life to save his. So when he is summoned to the aid of Brenya, the powerful woman who healed Grace, he is devastated to find that Grace’s cure has left her mind devoid of any memory of Torr or their love.

However, despite not knowing who he is, Grace is inexplicably drawn to the dark warrior. As they team up to stop the invasion that threatens the people Grace now considers family, her memories slowly start resurfacing. But sometimes the past is best forgotten—a lesson that Torr may learn too late….