18310679Willing Sacrifice is the latest in the Sentinel Wars series by Shannon Butcher, and unfortunately I don’t have much to say about it.

Did I enjoy reading it?  Of course.  This installment is about one of the warriors transported to another world to save the woman he loves, the same woman who sacrificed herself so he could walk again after being paralyzed.  He lands smack dab in the middle of an all-female enclave, women of yet another world who come there when they’re pregnant, give birth, and return to their homelands, leaving their children in the hands of the few women who live there permanently to be nurtured and raised.

Our leading couple’s relationship is pretty rough at first, because his love Grace has such a giving heart she keeps trying to give her life for others.  And of course as a male he can’t allow that.

More major plot points are revealed, like how the queen of the Big Bad has run away from him to raise an army in secret strong enough to take him down and hopefully end all the troubles on earth.  Hence the baby fortress.

It was interesting seeing them try to reconcile each one’s need to protect the other though.  He’s all blustery, she’s all proud and defiant.  It was fun.

But it was also very in line with the other Sentinel Wars books.  Nothing stood out either positive or negative, and while I did enjoy it, that’s all I can really say about it.  Oh well.

Going way back with the next one, one of R.A. Salvator’s earlier works The Woods Out Back, first in the Spearwielder’s Tale

239069The first in the Spearwielder fantasy adventure series–from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Legacy. In a magical spot in a forest, Gary falls asleep . . . and wakes up in a dangerous realm of elves and dwarves, witches and dragons. There he discovers he is the only one who can wear the armor of the land’s lost hero–and wield a magical spear.