291732So Giants among us pretty much picks up where Ogre’s Pact left off, give or take a few months.  Brianna is now queen, Tavis is her royal scout, the two are in love but Brianna refuses to move the relationship further as she does not feel it would be for the best for her kingdom if she took a firbolg lover.  Especially now since the kingdom is at war with the giants who are constantly trying to kidnap the queen to fulfill their prophecy.

We have a bit of a love triangle too when a handsome prince from a mythological kingdom shows up and attempts to woo the queen away from Tavis.  And this only works because Brianna is so damned stubborn she ignores everything in front of her face if she doesn’t like it.

The whole thing is mostly Tavis fighting giants on his own as he’s trying to keep them away from the castle where they have the queen imprisoned.

In the end though, the whole dirty story is revealed.  How Brianna is part giant because the ancestor who founded her line was a giant, the handsome prince is actually and ancient ettin sent to get a child on her, and Brianna’s child is supposedly destined to bring the giant races together to rule Toril.

I did enjoy Giants Among Us, but not as much as Ogre’s Pact.  I’m hoping Titan of Twilight can end the series on a good note…

Keeping with the Realms for now, we’ll start the first of a nine part saga called the Double Diamond Triangle: The Abduction by J. Robert King.

668085The first of a new serial novel series set in the “Forgotten Realms” world! Someone has kidnapped the fiancee of the Open Lord of Waterdeep on the eve of their wedding. Now the lord, Piergeiron the Palidinson, must find out who–but nothing is quite what it seems.