668085So again, first in a nine part series called the Double Diamond Triangle, The Abduction starts us off with an almost-royal wedding, between an open Lord of Waterdeep and his beautiful, mysterious lady love.

The only problem is that the Lord, Paladinson, can’t seem to let go of his first love.  He’s constantly having flashbacks to her throughout the course of the book.  And while nothing really came of it here, I’m sure it will play a part in something later on in the saga.

Everything is going swimmingly at first.  It’s the day of the wedding, the guests are arriving, the bride is getting all dolled up, but then the bridal party is taken over by shapeshifters (we’re not sure if they’re malaugrym or dopplegangers), an assassin tries to shoot the bride dead at the alter, and when those tactics fail warriors come from seemingly out of nowhere and abduct the bride.

Featuring the reapperance of one of the more famous wizards of the Realms universe, Khelben Blackstaff, The Abduction was pretty good, if a little short.  The whole thing from start to finish was only like 100 pages….

Yay!  Can’t wait for the next one we’re going to tackle.  Dragon’s Dagger at last!  Second in the Spearwielder’s Tale by R.A. Salvatore.

8191719The sequel to The Woods Out Back. The realm of Faerie is a beautiful and peaceful land–or at least it used to be. The enchanted world hidden behind Gary’s house is threatened, and in his struggle to save Faerie, Gary must conquer a wicked king, a banished witch, and an angry dragon