Merry Christmas folks!  Sorry I’m not dedicating a full post to this like I usually do, but I’m sooooo close to reaching my goal of 100 books for this year, I’m afraid I have to do a two fer one.

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays and all that jazz.  I hope you’re surrounded by what makes you happy today, be it friends, family, books or booze!

And now without further adieu…

8191719Part two in the Spearwielder’s tale by R.A. Salvatore, Dragon’s Dagger reunites our friends Mickey, Geno, Kelsey and of course Gary Ledger.

Only Gary is not the same as he was when he last left Faerie.  Five years of his time has passed in Gary’s life.  He has a new job and a girlfriend, but he has always kept up hope that he would one day return to his friends in Faerie and has kept physically fit so as to be ready to wear the fabled armor of it’s most beloved hero once more.

And while five years have passed for Gary, only a month has passed for his friends and the dragon they though banished is flying free and terrorizing the countryside, all because Gary accidentally took a dagger from the dragon’s horde to defend himself.

So Gary finally returns to Faerie to find that the world needs his help once again.  Facing off against Robert the Dragon and Ceridwen the witch (both whom Gary had though he defeated on his last trip) Gary and his friends, along with a sentient spear and an overweight baron, must try to avert a civil war, as well as putting down one or both of the greatest evils of Faerie.

Dragon’s Dagger wasn’t as good as Woods Out Back for me, I think because it was missing one of my favorite characters from the first one, an affable giant named Tommy.  Plus there’s a lot of deception and subterfuge from our leprechaun buddy Mickey McMickey which I thought was unnecessary.  But it was still enjoyable.  I can’t wait till I tackle the final book in the series, The Dragon Slayer’s Return.

Speaking of final books, Titan of Twilight, final book in the Twilight Giants trilogy by Troy Denning.

291624In the epic conclusion of the Twilight Giants trilogy, the secret of Twilight is revealed, and it is up to firbolg scout Tavis Burdun, runemaster giant-kin Basil, and Avner, the orphan thief, to help Princess Brianna of Hartwick escape