37435A fascinating look into life, love, and bees in 1960s South Carolina.

Young Lily Owens, trapped in a home where she feels unloved, plagued by dreams where she kills her mother, is the focal point of our story.  She lives with her father, a strong willed, seemingly violent man, and her nanny on a plantation where her father grows peaches.  Lily tries her best to make her life work, but after her father confirms that she shot her mother when she was a toddler, and her nanny gets arrested for vandalism and her father refuses to get her out, Lily has enough.  She breaks her nanny out of jail, and with one clue left behind by her mother -a picture of a black Madonna with the name of a city on the back- Lily and her nanny Rosaline run away from home in an attempt to find themselves in the past of Lily’s mother.

They make it to the town on the back of the picture, and to a pink out where three sisters make their home, and make a living from making and selling honey.  Lily and Rosaline settle into life at the Boatwrights’ home, keeping their secrets to themselves, but when a young, handsome farmhand is also arrested and one of the sisters commits suicide, secrets can’t be held in anymore and Lily tells the sisters everything.

The Secret Life of Bees was one of the better books I’ve read so far this year.  Well written, compelling, and heartwarming.  You really connect with the characters and the story telling is incredibly vibrant. I’ll be checking out more of Sue Monk Kidd work’s soon.

But not too soon of course.  We need to finish up a few things first, like the Double Diamond Triangle Saga, or at least what I own of it.  The Paladins, book2 in the saga by James M. Ward.

668077The “Double Diamond Triangle Saga” continues! Lord Piergeiron has fallen ill, but his loyal retainers prepare to rescue his abducted fiancee. But their quest lies far beyond the areas around Waterdeep, and in the uncharted Utter East.