668077The Paladins is the second in the Double Diamond Triangle saga, and so far it hold up.

We come in perhaps a few days after The Abduction ends.  The groom from the first book, Paladinson, has taken ill and nothing Waterdeep’s foremost mage The Blackstaff does can wake him.  And after scrying everywhere for the fallen Lord’s missing bride, The Blackstaff concludes that she could only be in one area of a far land called the Utter East that eludes his scrying.  In an attempt to rescue her and save the sleeping lord, Blackstaff assembles a group of paladins to sally forth and rescue the fair damsel.

Or at least what he thinks are paladins…

At least two of those gathered most certainly are champions of Tyr the Just, and they also happen to be old friends to readers of the Realms.  Kern and Miltiades of the Pools series are here, but the other ‘paladins’ are wizards, rogues, and general warriors who have joined the quest for their own as-yet unknown reasons.

So the ‘holy warriors’ accompanied by a trusted companion of the sleeping lord and his sorceress daughter, travel through Skullport and Undermountain to reach a portal the should hopefully take them to where they need to go.  And of course they experience the usual gambit of thieves, liars, treachery, and what not on their quest.

Again, good but too short.  Apparently all these books are only like 100 pages so just as things are getting good it shuts down and you have to move onto the next one.

Like we’re doing now!  Moving right on to book 3: The Mercenaries by Ed Greenwood