668079I have no idea why this is even part of the series.  It has practically nothing to do with the story so far, aside from ‘oh I need you to go after the woman abducted in book 1’

We have a mysterious figure, in one of the worst dives in a pirate infested area of Toril, looking to hire mercenaries to locate the bride who was kidnapped in The Abduction.  And that’s as far as the story tie in goes.

The rest of this is the mysterious benefactor and his pirate hirelings sailing the seas, being chased by a black ship, calling on a ghost ship for aid, and in the end sailing off into the sunset for parts unknown, for reasons unknown.

Because you know our mystery man has more than one thing up his sleeve that he’s not telling his crew.

But that’s it!  I have no idea why this is even a part of the series, change a few names and it could easily be plopped into any other book or series out there and you wouldn’t know the difference.  The only good things about this book, indeed one of the better things about this series overall, is the fact that we’re traveling across areas I’ve never been to before in the Realms which is always exciting.

Let’s hope the next one, Errand of Mercy by Roger E. Moore fares better.

668082The paladins sent by the Lord of Waterdeep to rescue his kidnapped bride have arrived in a kingdom of the Utter East. The monarch seems friendly, but the kingdom is beset by menacing fiends. Before the ruler agrees to help the knights in their quest, there is just one small task they must perform.