668082So the ‘paladins’ from book 2 have finally made it to their destination in the Utter East, a place locals call the Five Kingdoms.  And while Errand of Mercy thankfully fits into the storyline of the series, unfortunately there’s no real headway made in the plot.

The paladins are short a few from those that originally embarked on the quest, at least one died and one stayed behind.  But once they pass through the portal, they’re cordially greeted by a courtier of the kingdom they arrive in, and the rest of the book is basically just background history to the lands they find themselves in.

On one hand that’s a good thing, because if things continue like I think they will, there will be a few more books based in the Utter East so it’s always good to have this background info.  But on the other hand, like I said before, there’s no real plot development.  It’s all just ‘hi, how are you? let’s make introductions and I’ll tell you the history of my country.’

A fascinating read, don’t get me wrong, but as this is the last of the series that I have in my hot little hands, it’s a bit disappointing as I’m not sure when I’ll acquire the rest of the series to read it.  Oh well.

Next, last, and not at all least, The Dragonslayer’s Return, final book in the Spearwielder’s Tale by R.A. Salvatore and my 100th book for the year!

239067The threat of war looms over the realm of Faerie, as an evil king brutally supresses his subjects, and a powerful witch wages a campaign of destruction. The peaceful folk of Faerie summon Gary Leger, the heroic Dragonslayer, to return for his ultimate challenge–he must save the kingdom from the eternal curse of war.