10454982First in what appears to be a trilogy so far, Dungeons and Dragons: Shadowplague is a good start to Ja No Read Mo 2015.

I read this a while ago and only recently acquired it for my collections of course I had to read it again.  And I think I love just as much now as I did when I read it almost 3 years ago.

We start with a fairly typical RPG adventuring party, a thief, a healer, a warrior, an archer who aquire a magic user during the course of the story.  A hodge podge mix of races with halfling, dwarf, elf, human and teifling, they nonetheless compliment each other and keep up a witty stream of banter and amusing antics throughout the story.

Our band of heroes start off adventuring in a dungeon where they find the teifling magic user being held captive alongside some humans, all intending to be sold into slavery.  They free the captives, find an ancient dwarven artifact, and return for their reward.  Only to find that not all is as it seems in the town they return to.

Somewhere a mage is messing around with the Shadowrealm, a dark world of shadow that lies parallel to the world of light our heroes reside in.  And as the mage creates an ever widening hole in the fabric that separates the worlds, some of the stuff that makes up the Shadowrealm leaks through and begins infecting the towns people and turning them into mindless zombies dancing to the whim of the mage.

Until our heroes put a stop to it of course.

I read this first back in 2012, along with books 2 & 3, First Encounters and Down respectively.  While I have yet to get the other two for my collection, you can bet I’ll be reading them again to follow our heroes on their path of adventure.

Next up for Ja No Read Mo, a book from my childhood actually.  The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West by Mary Stanton

891586An epic fantasy about Duchess, an ill-tempered mare who is recognized as carrying the sacred Appaloosa genes which were abdicated as part of a pact with the Dark Lord. She and her breed are saved from extinction by the mysterious ancestral rainbow horse from the courts of the Outermost West.