8596384Third in the series, and one eagerly awaited by fans of Serenity and her crew.

As the title suggests, this volume tells us the story of the mysterious Shepherd Book, wayward holy man and priest traveling on board Serenity first as a passenger, then as one of the crew.  But he never really comes clean about his past, until now.

Picking up where #2 Better Days leaves off, The Shepherd’s Tale travels the course of Shepherd Book’s life, only in reverse.  We start with his death and work backwards through his surprising careers as warrior, spy, priest, and thief all the way back to his abusive childhood and the first steps he took on the path that led him to Serenity.

A lot about his story surprised me, despite the fact that I was suspecting some of it from what I have read previously and watched in the series Firefly and made-for-tv movie Serenity.

I’m not sure how much further these graphic novels are going to progress, but so far they’re doing a find job.

Needless to say, I enjoyed Shepherd’s Tale immensely.

First Realms book of the new year!  The Shadow Stone by Richard Baker is book four of Ja No Read Mo.

291508Experience New York Times best-selling author Richard Baker’s classic novel set in the high fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms.

Accosted by bullies on a forest trail, Aeron had no way of knowing that the confrontation would change his life forever. Accused of a crime for which he bears no blame, he is pursued deep into the forests of the Maerchwood. First rescued, and then tutored, by the mysterious Storm Walker, he discovers a previously undreamed-of talent for magic, and his life is swept up in the study of the arcane arts, until the very principles of magic, and indeed the future of Faerûn, come under attack from the unspeakably evil influences of the Shadow Stone.