21532236Story wise Serenity: Leaves on the Wind picks up several months after the plot of the self-named movie ends.  Malcom and his crew are on the run from the Alliance after they broke the truth about the origins of the Reavers.  Zoe is pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl, but her subsequent hospital visit due to complications starts a chain reaction which leads Serenity and her crew to a facility where Rivers sisters wait.

Yeah it looks like River was one of many girls whom the Alliance decided to mess around with and turned into perfectly obedient emotionless killing machines.

A new generation of Browncoats has risen up out of the chaos as well, calling themselves the New Resistance, but where would a movement be without a hero, namely of of course, one Malcom Reynolds.

So now not only does Mal have to look after the crew of Serenity, but he’s back in pseudo-lead of the Resistance as well.

I must admit I didn’t like the artwork of this one.  They must have changed artists or something, the hands and heads seemed comically out of proportion to the rest of the body.  It was a little off putting but otherwise it was good.  I just hope it’s not the last.

Up next, sequel to the Heavenly Horse and sixth for Ja No Read Mo: Piper at the Gate

1183352The sequel to Mary Stanton’s first novel, “The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West”, this novel continues the story of the desperate struggle for survival of the sacred Appaloosa breed of horses against impossible odds.