11369933Another of the Castle books, but the first in graphic novel form.  First in the Derrik Storm series, the series that Richard Castle was writing before he started the Nikki Heat series, it chronicles the start of the private eye-turned-C.I.A operative.

Derrik Storm I think was a journalist turned private investigator, and when he’s hired as a P.I. to spy on a man who is suspected of being a rogue C.I.A. operative, the C.I.A. themselves step in and invite Derrik into their ranks since he was able to actually locate one of their own.

And of course his handler is a beautiful brunette that Storm is half in love with before the story ends.  Too bad she dies in his arms.

I like the artwork for the series so far, and whats interesting at the end is that they give you about 3 pages of art from the story and they show you the pencil sketch, ink, and color phases before they add in all the lettering which I thought was pretty cool.

So far so good.  I know it’s only the first in the series, but I have yet to pick up a Castle book and not like it, no matter what the format is.

Here’s a Realms book I’ve been looking forward to for a while now.  Once Around the Realms by Brian M. Thomsen next up, eighth for Ja No Read Mo 2015

291552Soon Volo and his erstwhile companion, Passepout, are on a grand tour the likes of which Toril has never seen. From Chult to Kara Tur, from Suzail to the Shining South, even from the Land of the Dead to Maztica, Volo and Passepout make their way around the globe…little suspecting that this simple bet masks a dark conspiracy unlike any other.