291552I really need to stop assuming things, especially with my Realms books.  Since most of the Forgotten Realms anthologies have Realms in the actual title, I thought this would be another one.

Rather, Once Around the Realms is essentially the Realms version of Around the World in 80 Days.  Realms traveler and master gazetteer Volo has been challenged to prove himself the Realms greatest traveler by a Khelben lookalike.  Accompanied by a rotund thespian, Volo embarks upon a quest to prove just that.

Cormyr, Chult, Myth Drannor, Shadowdale, the Sea of Fallen Stars and Thay are just a few places where that Volo and his companion pass through on their quest.  They meet many people of names big and small: Alias and Dragonbait, Drizz’t Do’Urdern, Khelben (the real one), Vanderghast, Catlindra Serpentar, and many, many more are mentioned.  Not to mention they even run across the Realms’ version of Moby Dick’s Captain Ahab during the seafaring part of their journey.

And what starts off as a simple travelling adventure turns into a race to stop the plot of a gang of dopplegangers from taking over the Realms.

I really, really enjoyed Once Around the Realms.  It was interesting, amusing, and took me back to many places and friends I hadn’t seen for a while.

Moving along now, we’re going back to see how Derrik Storm is faring in the second graphic novel adaptation of his book Storm Season by Richard Castle.

14885899The sequel to the critically acclaimed, best-selling graphic novel Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm! In this “adaptation” of Derrick Storm’s second novel, the private investigator is hired to bug the hotel suite of an African head of state – but what should have been a routine mission quickly spirals out of control when Storm overhears a woman’s terrifying scream on the wire. Plagued by the victim’s helpless cry, Storm – despite an ominous warning – investigates. Soon, he’ll discover an international conspiracy reaching further than he ever imagined – and perhaps the truth about Clara Strike, a CIA agent the world thinks is dead