14885899Second in the graphic novel adaptation of Castle’s Storm series, Storm Season picks up a year after Deadly Storm ends.

Clara Strike, Derrik Storm’s C.I.A. handler, is dead.  The money Storm found on their first -and supposedly last mission together- he used to open a P.I. boutique that has been doing very well for itself.  Staffed by some familiar faces from Deadly Storm, Derrik and his friends are moving on with their lives.

Until Derrik is hired by a ghost.

A man comes to him, asking Derrik to find his sister who he believes was kidnapped and sold into slavery by an African warlord trying to bring peace to his country using blood and money.  And at first things are going along swimmingly, at least until Derrik runs head first into Clara Strike.

I must admit the graphic novels are only whetting my appetite for the books themselves.  Slowly but surely I’m working on collecting all of them and can’t wait to finally read them.

They did the same 3 pages/3 stages thing as in Deadly Storm, and something I didn’t notice before but they list all the titles for the series at the end of the book as well.  SCORE!

Back to the Realms again.  Think I’m on a bit of a kick again.  I think this is the last anthology I have to read so far: Realms of Mystery is next.

291543A murder victim is turned into a zombie, just long enough to cover up the circumstances of his own death . . . .

A silent ghost with a friendly grin greets those about to meet their doom . . . .

The only clue to who’s killing a party of adventurers is the letter “H,” written in the blood of one of the victims . . . .

All new stories of murder, suspense, and intrigue by Elaine Cunninham, Jeff Grubb, Ed Greenwood, and other favorite Forgotten Realms authors.