291543Yeah…totally on another Realms kick.  I went on a shopping spree for Christmas and for a lot of good books I wanted/needed but I realize I only have eyes for the Realms right now because every time I look over at my pile for something to read my eyes are drawn to the Realms books the most.


Realms of Mystery does indeed look to be the last anthology I had waiting for me, and it was a good one.

A murder among the Ffolk.  A window that gives the viewer a look into a fiendish realm.  A murder in a magic-dead, locked room.  Heroes old and new make appearances and their names here in Realms of Mystery.

I quite enjoyed it despite the fact that it was mostly ‘who dunnit’ mysteries.  There are so many other things that could be done and still be classified as mysteries.  I mean come on!  A whole world of magic, mortals, gods, demons, devils, monsters, a slew of alternate planes and dimensions attached to this world and all we can think of is murder mysteries?  Poop.

So it was a tad disappointing in that expectation but thankfully still good otherwise.  Another interesting thing is it seems most of the stories take place in Cormyr as they mention or feature the Purple Dragon soldiers of that kingdom.  Other cities and countries were features such as Waterdeep, Rashemen, and the Nether Mountains, but a good 90% of the stories were set in Cormyr.  Interesting.

Another interesting thing? Another Realms book!  One of the more famous titles too.  Baldur’s Gate by Philip Athens next.

564650Bhaal must be stopped!

Someone is sabotaging the iron mines of the Sword Coast, pushing powerful realms toward a bloody war, and a young mercenary toward an unimaginable secret.

Evil gods, giant spiders, murderous doppelgangers, flesh-eating ghouls, and wicked Zhentarim come to life in the action-packed novelization of the Baldur’s Gate computer game form BioWare and Interplay.