18079639Just as wonderful as I expected from Kate Quinn.  The Lion and the Rose looks to be the last of the Borgia books by her, but what a high note to end it on!

Beginning just a few years after Serpent the Pearl ends, Lion and the Rose pretty much picks up where it left off, continuing to chronicle the lives of La Bella, her bodyguard, and her cook.

War has come to Italy, the French have invaded, bringing syphilis with them as they rape and plunder their way across the country.  But a far more dangerous battleground resides in the heart of Christendom where Rodrigio Borgia holds sway over his court of lies, intrigue, cover up and murder.

But not all is truly lost in the webs that the Borgias weave.  While our brave trio suffer like everyone else, in the end I am happy to say they all found peace, love, and some small form of happiness despite the dangers that surround them.

Though I was not expecting how they all found their happy endings, especially La Bella and her bodyguard.  I did not expect their stories to end that way, but oh so glad they did.

And you know me, can’t ever stay away from the Realms for long.  Continuing on with the Baldur’s Gate series, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn by Phillip Athens is next.

291738Bhaal is dead!

But his disciples want to bring him back. The blood of the god of murder runs through his children, and bad blood attracts bad people.

Shadow thieves, vampires, ninjas, and rockworms run rampant on the Sword Coast in the action-packed novelization of the Baldur’s Gate II computer game from BioWare and Interplay.