8492768what if the whole concept of ‘left’ ceased to exist for you? You can’t look left, see the left side of the room, and completely ignored the left side of your body?

That’s what happens to Sarah Nickerson in Left Neglected.  Much like Alice Howland in Still Alice, Sarah is highly intelligent, high powered business woman and a working mom with three young children struggling to balance work and family when she receives devastating news.

Trying to cram everything into every minute of the day, to get everything done with little to no assistance, Sarah’s world comes crashing to a halt when she spends one second too long looking at her phone and ends up in a horrific car crash that damages the right side of her brain and leaves it ignoring the left side of her entire world.  She can’t even control the muscles on the left side of her body.

Most of Left Neglected is Sarah’s recovery, slowly learning to retrain her brain that yes, the left does exist, as well as the trials and triumphs her family faces with and without her.  From her eldest son learning to cope with ADHD, her estranged mother coming back to her life and asking for forgiveness, and her husband coming to terms with the fact that she may never be normal again.

Well, at least he doesn’t leave her like that doucebag from Still Alice…

Left Neglected in the end is another powerful and moving story by Lisa Genova, this one more focusing on the human spirit and one woman’s will to overcome all obstacles and regain her life.  I love it, maybe more that I enjoyed Still Alice, because in the end this one is pretty much the happiest ending you can get with this situation.

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