291524I don’t know what it is about this book but the author sure does seem to like naked people.

Throne of Bhaal is the final installment of the Baldur’s Gate trilogy and things end on a rather somber note.  Thankfully Abdel was able to thwart the plot to give rise to a new Lord of Murder, but what a convoluted and intricate story.

Bhaalspawn killing Bhaalspawn, torture, treachery, betrayal and not just of the Bhall kin.  But at the end of it all what reward is there?  Yeah he stopped a derranged madwoman from obtaining godhood, but everyone he ever loved is dead.

Jaheira, Gorion, his little half sister, all dead at the hands of his half brothers and sisters, all because of the blood in his veins and what other wanted it for.

So while Throne of Bhaal was in incredibly interesting read and fantastic ending to the trilogy, it was also really sad, and in some ways pointless. Abdel doesn’t really have anything to go home to now, in fact he doesn’t even really have a home. So what was the point really?

And again, what is with all the naked?!? It seems Abdel spends half the book running around in his birthday suit for one reason or another…

Anyways.  Lets go back and finish Fell’s story.  The third and so far final final installment of his story, we visit Dungeons and Dragons: Down next.

14287958More high-stakes adventure from Dungeons & Dragons! The new story arc kicks off as Fell’s Five has returned home, only to find shattering news for Khal. And now that he”s made up his mind, nothing will stand in his way!