14287958Happy Valentine’s Day folks!  No rant or rave this year, just a quick shout out to the new man in my life.  Our first Valentine’s together and I know it’s going to be fantastic.

Moving on…

Last but not least of the D&D graphic novels so far, Down follows our adventurers as they follow their love lorn dwarven paladin in a quest to discover what happened to his lady love.

What they find instead is something none of them could ever have imagined.

An evil temple, beholders, dwarven homonculus, flesh eating quicklings and the summoning of an Elder Evil are just some of the challenges our heroes face down in the dark depths.

Something that I’ve failed to mention previously and I do apologize for that, is the artwork.  I think it’s fantastic.  I love the style, the colors, and I think overall all three graphic novels are visually well done.  The ribbing and backslapping is still underway full swing which is fantastic.  I just hope that there’s more to come of this series eventually.

Gong back to one of my older series with this next one. Between Their Worlds, first in the third saga of the Noble Dead series.

11779667Wynn Hygeort receives unexpected visitors at the guild of Sagecraft. Magiere and Leesil, along with the elven wolf Chap, have come for her, but Aynn can’t afford to leave. She needs access to the texts within the guild’s archives, which may help her decipher the locations of the last two orbs sought by the Ancient Enemy.

There are five orbs in total. Magiere and Leesil have two of them in safekeeping. Chane Andraso, the vampire who loves Wynn, has hidden the Orb of Earth on her orders. To complete her task – and protect the orbs – Wynn must remain sequestered from her friends.

But she’s essentially a prisoner. One of the guild’s superiors is just as eager for Wynn to translate the ancient texts, but she knows the others will not permit her to share that knowledge – knowledge Magiere and Leesil desperately need if they’re going to stop the Ancient Enemy from unleashing war on the land….