11779667So while it took me a bit to get through this, I do admit it redeemed Wynne’s character for me.

Wynne for the longest time was the whiny, needy, ignorant little do-gooder, running headlong into dangerous situations without thinking things through because she thought it was the right thing to do.  But here I’m happy to say she’s finally grown a backbone and is at least trying to think things through before diving head first.  Yay character growth!

So here Mageire, Leesil and Chap return from their quest to retrieve one of the five orbs of the Ancient Enemy and their subsequent journey to hide it.  We can see though that the stress of having the fate of the world on their shoulders is starting to take it’s toll, at least on Mageire.

We don’t know what happened on this portion of their quest, but something big and seemingly bad occurred on the ‘frozen wastes’ during their journey.  Something Magiere had to do, and caused her hold on her vampire nature to weaken.  It comes out more easily in stressful situations now and at one point she was even able to summon it at will.  What exactly happened on that portion of their journey is continuously hinted at and alluded to but we’re not told to full story here.

Secrets are finally exposed, and some very old and almost forgotten friends show up as well, which in some cases on make the dynamics of the group more interesting and more tenuous.

A slow start, but overall it was pretty good.  All the characters showed growth and development, we’re given the next big hurdle in their ‘save the world’ plan, and there is this big mystery about what happened in the cold lands of ice and snow to so change our friend’s that I personally cannot wait for the next one to find out what happened.

Next, we’re back to the Forgotten Realms with Glass Prison by Monte Cook.  You know I can never stay away for long…

291549Vheod Runechild — half human, half fiend — flees from the Abyss to find his human nature on Toril, only to discover that the dangers from the nether region respect no worldly boundaries.