67806So apparently this is the fourth book in the Pools series which for some reason escaped my notice when I read the first three.

Ruins of Myth Drannor takes place several years after the third book Pool of Twilight and has none of the original characters from the first three books.  Instead we start back in the familiar city of Phlan with a rogue named Kestrel who on a drunken whim agrees to join a group of watchers at the reborn pool of radiance.  A pool she recently witnessed first hand drain the life out of a pair of brigands and reanimate their corpses.

Joined by a scorceress, a paladin of Tyr, and a local guardsman, Kestrel and company and dragged through a magical portal to fabled Myth Drannor, suspected source for the new pool that has popped up in not only Phlan but apparently elsewhere in the Heartlands of Faerun.  Cultists, reanimated corpses, drow, archmages and dracoliches are just a few enemies the group has to contend with in order to the mysteries of the pools and ultimately end them.

I liked the character development of the rogue and paladin here.  Kestrel starts of as cynical, self serving, suspicious and all round anti social.  Behavior that puts her directly at odds against the party’s paladin who is self righteous, self sacrificing, optimistic, and judgmental of anyone not fitting his definition of ‘good’.  So of course these two clash…a lot.  But in the end she becomes an active member of the team, willing to help and reluctant to leave once their mission is complete.  She has come to think of them all as friends and wants to help them continue on their journey.  Where the paladin becomes less judgmental, more cautious, more realistic, and most importantly more understanding of what makes people act the way that they do and that good people come in all places.

I am a little surprised though that the rogue and paladin didn’t hook up in the end.  That’s usually the way these things go.  Not complaining or anything, just surprised is all.  So a good ending to the series, and yes I am sure this is the end…kinda…sorta….maybe…

Moving on!  We’re gonna tackle one of the many Diablo books I have waiting for me. Diablo III: Book of Cain by Richard A. Knaak is next.

12768265Since the dawn of time, the Eternal Conflict has raged between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. If the Prophecy of the End Days holds true, mankind will soon find itself trapped in the middle of this never-ending war.

Here renowned scholar Deckard Cain has combined excerpts, illustrations, and firsthand knowledge to pen a history of the world of Sanctuary. His writings depict the insidious Prime Evils (Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal), shed light on Tyrael and the other archangels of the Angiris Council, and illuminate humanity’s hope and enduring heroism in the face of overwhelming terror. Revealed also are the untold mysteries, from the origins of mortals and the secrets of the nephalem to the gathering darkness of the End of Days. So take heed, dear reader, and bear witness to the truths that lie within.