291480First in the Counselors and Kings trilogy by Elaine Cunningham, Magehound takes place in the land of Halruaa, a realm thick and wondrous with magic where most of the population are wizards and they’re carefully bred to nurture natural talent.

But in a kingdom of magic, how does on defend themselves against it?  By essentially breeding a race of humans with no magical talent whatsoever.  These men and women are known as Jordain and are raised from a young age to be councelors and advisors to powerful wizard masters.

All goes as planned until one Jordain named Matteo meets a failed Jordaini wizard’s bastard name Tzigone and is swept up in protecting this changeling urchin from the machinations of vengeance from an elf whose sole job it is to ferret out magic and destroy it where needed: a Magehound.

Try saying that three times fast…

Anyways! Magical water gates, undead, a creature that feeds off magic even from other living beings, a mad wizard and lost elven civilizations are all found here in Magehound, as well as hints at a larger picture to come in Floodgate.

19856After a fight, some warriors seek to return home.
Others seek revenge.

The battle of Akhlaur’s Swamp is over, and its heroes part ways. One becomes a wizard’s apprentice and tries to unravel her mysterious lineage. Another hero returns to his queen, only to find that all is not as it was.

Hidden from them both, the Magehound broods. She cannot forgive those who drove her from power, and she will stop at nothing to be avenged. Her bitterness ensures that Akhlaur’s return