13508220So Dark Bites is a compliation of Hunter stories by Sherrilyn Kenyon, and all of the stories are from people we’ve already met for the most part.  Quite literally its a compilation of bites of life from the Dark Hunter world from characters such as….

Bethany and Styxx: in their previous incarnation, before the events of the actual book Styxx take place, a kind of prequel if you will.

V’Aiden and Erin: feels a lot like Fantast Lover, and kinda feels like it was written beforehand as a prequel as well.

Pandora and Dante: Acadian and Katagarian panther were hunters thrown together by circumstance at Dragon*Con and end up mated for life.

Ghallagher: a lone Dark Hunter spends Christmas with the Simi and learns there are three types of family.

Esperetta and Velkan: daughter of Dracul married the son of a rival family only to run away for 500yrs when she thought she was betrayed to her death and witnessing the death of her father at her husband’s hands.

Celena and Rafael: the story of a squire and forbidden love as squires and dark hunters are forbidden to be together.

Furie and Analeia: another Katagarian/Acadian were hunter pairing, both wolves, only they grew up togehter and tried to kill him when she learned he was Katagarian.

Those and a few others are listed in Dark Bites, along with two stories in the end completely unrelated to any of Kenyon’s previous works as far as I’m aware, but still quite good.

So that’s it for romance for a while, now we’re going to move on to the next chapter in the chronicles of Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase: The Valhalla Prophecy.

18760176Nina and Eddie have been thinking about taking a break to start a family. The IHA has nothing major going on at the moment and Nina has been offered a large advance to write a book-it might be the perfect time for a sabbatical.

But those dreams are quickly dashed when the new U.N. liaison calls an emergency meeting to announce that a Viking runestone has been stolen from a Swedish museum, and that the heist was led by none other than a mole operating within the IHA itself.

Nina and Eddie are immediately on the scene, where they learn from the museum’s Norse expert, Tova Skilfinger, that the runestone reveals the secret of how to reach Valhalla-a great hall that, according to myth, houses a god-killing poison known as eitr. Using IHA resources on top of Tova’s meticulous knowledge, Nina is able to deduce the location of the runestone-it’s in Norway-but at the bottom of an isolated lake.

As the team comes closer to excavating the artifact, it becomes increasingly obvious to Nina that Eddie knows more about the mission than he’s letting on. In fact, his connection to it is buried deep within his past-in the dense, sweltering jungles of Vietnam-and he knows that to find Valhalla is to unleash a grave danger upon the world.

This pulse-pounding adventure will take Nina and Eddie to the vast reaches of the earth in a race against time as they strive to prevent rival forces from unleashing a wave of mass destruction that would threaten the fate of humanity forever.