18760176Chase and Nina finally have a moment from all the running, screaming, explosions, and people trying to kill them, a much deserved rest where they actually take some time and discus the possibility of starting a family.

Yeah, that peace doesn’t last long…

A rune stone outlining the route to Valhalla is stolen, drawing the couple into the search to find it, along the way discovering a river of primordial ooze which causes horrible mutations or outright death -or both- when touched and is most likely responsible for the explosion of evolution when the meteor/asteroid crashed into earth, bringing with it the basis of life.

Meteor + river of ooze = evolution apparently.

So once more into the breach dear friends!  With a story beginning in the Cold War of the 1960s, a mad scientist performing human experiments, spanning the globe from the Artic to Russia, Vietnam and Sweden, Nina and Eddie are on the run once more trying to save the world.

Though while in the end they do that and one of their old adversaries redeems themselves, we’re left wondering if Eddie and Nina truly came out of this scenario in one piece.

As always though, a great story and I look forward to the next one.

Keeping the archeology theme going, we’re going to look at a Jack Howard book next: Pharaoh


Marine archaeologist Jack Howard has made an astounding find in the depths of the Red Sea: proof of a mass suicide by a pharaoh and his army. But what could have driven the most powerful people of their age to hurl themselves to their deaths? What terrible new king, revered as a new god, came to take their place?

Howard’s search leads back through the ages to the discovery of the vault of Tutankhamun in 1928, the legacy of American adventurers in Egypt, the fate of General Gordon’s doomed garrison in Khartoum—and a long-shrouded catastrophe that saw a unit of Gordon’s would-be rescuers swallowed by a mysterious Nile whirlpool. Between the story told by a crazed survivor of that horror, a lost labyrinth, and the truth behind a three-thousand-year-old conflict, Howard is on the verge of a discovery that will change history—for good, for evil, and for the future of all humankind.